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How does online lotto betting work?


With online betting, you place your bet on the outcome of a lottery draw. You choose specific numbers that you think might be drawn in the next official draw. If your chosen numbers match some or all the drawn numbers, you win.

Am I buying a ticket in the official lottery?


No, you are not buying a lotto ticket for the official draw. You are placing your bet through Lottoland. Lottoland is a separate licensed company and is not connected to the official lottery in any way.

Are my winnings guaranteed?


Yes, Lottoland guarantees that all your winnings will be paid to you. Each bet placed on the platform is insured. This model allows Lottoland to offer players massive payouts.

Can lotto prediction numbers help win the lottery?


Lotto predictions do not help you to win any lottery. There is no way to predict the winning numbers for the next draw. Using predicted lotto numbers can be a fun way to choose your numbers. But predictions don't guarantee any winnings.

Is online betting on lotto.co.za legal in South Africa?


Yes, online betting on lotto.co.za is legal in South Africa. All bets are placed via Lottoland, who is in partnership with lotto.co.za. Lottoland SA (Pty) Ltd is a licensed bookmaker with the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

Does hot and cold numbers theory help to predict winning numbers?


No, the hot and cold number prediction theory doesn’t work. With each lottery draw, numbers are drawn randomly. There is no guarantee that the most drawn numbers or least drawn numbers will be drawn in the next draw. The numbers for the next lotto draw cannot be predicted in any way.

Can I bet on UK49’s on lotto.co.za?


No, we don’t offer betting on UK49’s. Instead we offer a similar product with a familiar game format, Lotto 6/49 GO! where you have higher odds to win and you get a money-back guarantee for no matched numbers.

What is 6/49 GO! and how to play?


6/49 GO! is a new Lottoland betting product. It offers massive prizes and draws are every hour, every day of the week! If you don’t match any numbers, you get your money back!To play, choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 and an optional SuperNumber from 0 to 9. There are three extra games Spiel 77 GO, Super6 GO and GlücksSpirale GO offering extra prizes.