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Are you one of those who have a hard time figuring out what numbers you should bet on? Or are you simply in need of some new PowerBall lucky numbers? With the SA PowerBall generator, you can find the inspiration you’re looking for when it’s time to bet on the next draw. The PowerBall number generator will select random numbers which will allow you to create a unique combination that hopefully will generate massive winnings!


Too many cooks spoil the broth, as the old saying goes. This can also be applied to the lottery. If there are many winners who bet on the same numbers, the amount won per person is reduced. A little strategy can help, especially if you use our helpful tool. Make your own lottery soup with a recipe of random numbers alongside those that are hot and cold - or have been drawn relatively recently. You will be able to find out how successful your recipe was at the next draw on Friday.

Why use the PowerBall number generator SA?

When betting we often tend to use our lucky numbers, which most likely are associated with our birthday or the birthday of our closest family and friends. Hence, the numbers between 1-31 tend to be more popular. This means that if your ticket wins, there is a greater chance of having to share your jackpot with many others who have the same numbers as you.

Although all numbers have an equal chance of being picked, choosing random numbers may determine how much you win, that is, if your ticket turns out to be the golden one. With the PowerBall generator South Africa, the numbers will be selected for you, creating an exclusive selection of numbers that may differ from your ordinary PowerBall lucky numbers. Besides, it also saves you the headache of trying to figure out which numbers you should bet on next.

Can the PowerBall generator help you win?

As mentioned above, in the world of lotto, no number is more likely to be picked than another. Therefore, Powerball predictions or the SA PowerBall number generator cannot help you to win the lottery. However, using the generator might give you some inspiration when it comes to picking your numbers and it’s always fun to see what random numbers the system picks out for you. Just keep in mind that predictions and the SA PowerBall generator cannot guarantee any winnings.

What are the past lucky PowerBall numbers?

You can always check the latest PowerBall results and history on our constantly updated PowerBall page. But the numbers that have been drawn in the past may not have an impact on the PowerBall lucky numbers tomorrow. Some lotto players do, however, enjoy speculating about previously drawn numbers to see if they can work out a system and predict the outcome of future lotto numbers.

Hot and cold numbers

The prediction based on previous results can be referred to as hot and cold numbers, whereas the so-called hot numbers are the most common numbers that have been drawn. The cold numbers indicate the opposite, meaning the numbers that haven’t been drawn in a long time. Meanwhile, some prefer to pick their numbers based on the frequently drawn hot numbers, others aim to try a different approach, hoping that the cold numbers will be drawn since they haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time.

But much like the SA PowerBall number generator, predicting the future outcome based on hot and cold numbers will unfortunately not guarantee any winnings in the lottery. If you still want to test the theory, you can make a bet based on the selection of the most recent hot and cold numbers.