South African Lotteries

From the southern tip of Africa we bring you two exciting games to play, each with its own interesting twist. Firstly there’s SA Lotto. This game produced the largest jackpot the country has ever seen by paying out R110 million to four lucky ticket holders in 2018. When you play SA Lotto, don’t forget to add Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 to your game play. This empowers you to use the same numbers for two more plays, each with its own jackpot. Alternatively you can play SA PowerBall which once paid out R91 million to a lucky ticket holder. The additional PowerBall Plus game is the newest option on the South African game list and allows you to enter your PowerBall numbers in one more game. Ready to play?


If you wish to play for the biggest jackpots in the world you obviously want to play the US Powerball. It started in 1992 and paid out a jackpot of $1.6 billion in 2016. That’s the biggest one the world has ever seen. The level of excitement increased when the organizers added the Power Play option which allows you to pick a Megaplier number that could increase your winnings. Another US favourite is MegaMillions which has paid out five jackpots of over $500 million since it started in 2002. Once again you can pick a Megaplier number that can greatly enhance your lower tier winnings. For both these games the minimum jackpot is $40 million so there’s always a lot at stake. This only makes it more fun and exciting to play.


Let’s turn your attention to Europe. Here you must give EuroMillions a try since it can give you the highest payout of all European jackpots. Its maximum jackpot is €190M and more than once EuroMillions players have walked away with this lucrative prize. Your minimum jackpot will be €17 million and the game keeps your plays exciting by often hosting special draws. One example is Superdraws that instantly increase the jackpot to €100M no matter how much the jackpot is at that stage. You can see why it quickly became a lottery favourite since it started in 2004. Will you play too?