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Lotto dream guide – 5 ways to map out your dream lottery numbers

Some South Africans find more meaning in their dreams than others. Whether you're superstitious or not, there can be some value in balancing dreams and numbers when making lottery selections. Here, we look at five methods to do this.


Series or sequence

We sometimes dream about a line of numbers that are not necessarily randomised. The digits appear in a series or sequence. This is a good way to pair dreams and lotto number partners. The next time you purchase a ticket, consider using the sequential digits that might have appeared in your last dream. Of course, there is no guarantee this will result in a win, but it's well worth a go.

Anniversary association

If you have a dream about a birthday, wedding or another significant date in your life, it could be a decent option to use the important dates for the next draw. Condense the key occasions to their dates on the calendar and make these your dream numbers for lottery purposes in the future. For instance, if you dream about your friend's birthday - and they were born on 27 November 2001 - you could use 2, 7, 11, 20 and 01 the next time you buy a ticket. If there are not enough digits in the collection to make up a full ticket, then use some other number of significance to you to complete the line or card.

End of dream

There is a lot to be said for the time a dream ended, too. Often, when we wake up from a particularly vivid dream, we might have an impromptu check of the time on our bedside clock or cellphone. Those could be indirectly interpreted as dream lottery numbers as well. For example, if you woke at 02:44, 2 and 44 could feasibly be used in an interesting dreams and numbers pairing.

Numbers as objects

Sometimes, lottery dream numbers are not as obvious as in other recollections. The figure might not materialise as a digit, but rather individual objects that need to be numbered and totalled. A good example of this is, say, seeing four seagulls on the beach, five fans in the football stadium or six bottles on the fridge shelf. Here, 4, 5 and 6 is also a sequence. Dream lottery numbers, though, don't have to be used in sequence.

Conversational numbers

Again, in dreams, numbers won't always show in written form. In a dream, there might be a chat on the go with certain numbers mentioned throughout. They could be said in isolation or repetitively. It's probably the latter you want to try and record the most. A subject in the dream might speak about three of this, three of that and three of another consistently. This is a good indicator that 3 should be incorporated into your next dream numbers for lottery draws. Another version of this could centre around quartet - 4; quintet - 5; sextet - 6; octuplet - 8; dozen - 12; unlucky 13; and more.

This is just a basic lotto dream guide. You are encouraged to fathom your own patterns and dream and lotto number partners.