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A woman whispering to another that she can win the lottery using the secret

Can I Win the Lottery Using 'The Secret'?

Winning the lottery is a tantalising thought for many of us. For sure, there is barely a person in South Africa who hasn’t caught themselves lost in thought, daydreaming about the prospect; which car to buy, which holiday to take first, which house to live in?! What if I told you that there are some people out there who believe that we can turn these thoughts into reality, to achieve our goals and to win the lottery?

Can The Secret Help Win the Lottery?

What is “The Secret”?

The 2006 book “The Secret was released in 2006 to huge acclaim. To date there have been over 35 million copies of the book sold, with many celebrities claiming that their success is due to following the principles laid out in its chapters.

The cornerstone principle of “The Secret” is its proud belief that the “Law of Attraction” is more than just a concept, that it is a real, tangible and its energy can be harnessed by anyone. In essence, “The Secret” suggests that our mental and emotional energies can sculpt and build our everyday reality.  

The overarching theme of the philosophy put forward in the book is that by encouraging positive thoughts and harbouring a non-negotiable and steadfast belief in our goals, these aspirations magnetise into our lives. If this is the case, then why would it be impossible for us to apply the teachings of “The “Secret”, using positive thoughts and steadfast belief, to help us win the lotto?

The Not-So Secret Law of Attraction

It may not come as much of a surprise for you to discover the “Law of Attraction” really wasn’t really that much of a secret in 2006! Indeed, many of the teaching and philosophies popularised by “The Secret” have, in fact, been around for millennia.  Since man learned to write, ancient philosophies, religious teachings and mystical teachings have all put forward beliefs that the human mind is a much more powerful tool than it is given credit for. So powerful is the human mind, in fact, human thought that human thought can have tangible effects on the material world.

“The Secret” did not so much create a new philosophy. Rather, it brought about a resurgence of interest in age-old concepts, popularising a set of beliefs that have been shared across cultures for thousands of years. The fact that the Law of Attraction has been around for so long, and believed in by so many, may lead us to believe there must be some truth in the teaching. Certainly, there are more than a few famous people who credit their success to the ideology…

Famous Cases of Visualising Success

Conor McGregor and “The Secret”

Possibly the most famous MMA fighter of all time, Conor McGregor’s rise to the top of the UFC has inspired countless people around the world. Some years ago, he made it clear that he believes in the philosophy of the Law of Attraction, and that a lot of his success is down the finding out about “The Secret” and applying its teachings to his day-to-day life. This turned his life around, and the Irish grappler is now worth an estimated $200 million (R3.8 billion)!

The Law of Attraction and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another famous face who believes that “the mind is really so incredible” is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger! Before he became one of the most recognisable men on the planet, ‘Arnie’ was already visualising his success. From winning the Mr Universe title (“in my mind there was no doubt I would win it”), to becoming an actor recognised across the world (“I could feel and taste success”), the ‘Governator’ has been using the law of attraction to bring success into his life!

Does The Law of Attraction Work?

It worked for McGregor and Schwarzenegger is an advocate, so surely “The Secret” is our one-way ticket to a lottery jackpot? I mean, if its good enough for The Terminator…

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as straightforward, and positive thinking alone might not be our way to fill our bank accounts with lottery loot. There are many critics out there who are sceptical of the actual impact of the law of attraction on real-world events - especially those that are governed by chance, like the lottery. These critics belief that those who believe in the Law of Attraction are giving the human mind too much credit, with not enough thought given to the science of randomness and other external factors. Indeed, they justifiably point to the fact that there is little-to-no actual evidence that anyone has even affected the outcome of any random event with through thought alone.

Sceptics of the Law of Attraction also believe that success stories may have been overstated due to cognitive biases, such as confirmation bias.  This is because we, as humans, are more likely to remember our successes than our failures. So, when we come to attribute our success to something like the Law of Attraction, our unconscious bias can form a somewhat skewed picture of the results, as the positive attempts create an exaggerated perception of success.  

Can I Win The Lottery By Using “The Secret”?

So now we come to the crux of the issue, can we use Rhonda Byrne’s book to help us win the lottery? The answer is, unfortunately, probably not. Given the randomness of a lottery draw, it is difficult to imagine that we could affect that outcome with our minds. Furthermore, even if it was possible – would there be any point? Surely if it was poossible, everyone who could would bet on the very next lottery, Pictuire the scene, every single South African aged 18 and over decides to put their mind to work and used the law of attraction to win the France Lotto or PowerBall. This would mean we would around 42 million winners checking the latest PowerBall results,  and realising that their share of the R3,000,000 jackpot was just just R0.07 each!


However, there is some truth to believe that aspects of “The Secret” could help you to win the lottery. If you hold the “steadfast belief” that you will win the lottery, then you are likely going to be buying a ticket – and that it is the one thing that 100% lottery winners have done! The real “secret” to winning the lottery is that 100% of those who don’t buy a ticket never win! So, remain steadfast in your belief, and dare to dream just a little as you select those numbers that could change everything!