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German Lotto 6/49, the most popular lottery in South Africa

One of the more famous lotteries in Europe is the German Lotto 6/49. It is also one of the most popular lotteries in South Africa. You can take part in this thrilling game from the comfort of your home or office with a touch on your mobile phone. Betting is simple - all you need to do is choose the correct numbers! Are you itching to join the bettors? Then you have come to the right place! 


To play the German 6/49, you must select six main numbers from a range of 1 to 49 and one number (the SuperBall) chosen from 0 to 9. The cost for a simple bet slip is R25. Other bonus games and options would make your game more enjoyable. Are you looking to have an exciting Wednesday or Saturday evening? The draws are twice a week at 20:25 (SAST) on the respective days.

Are you interested in trying out this lottery online? You can enjoy up to three bonus games: Spiel77, Super6, and, GlücksSpirale. On the top of the betting page, you also have the option to use ‘DoublePayout’, which doubles the prize of the payout when you match all numbers correctly. All these options are accessible and easy to use just by ticking the boxes online, and the system will automatically increase the cost of your bet slip. If you are unsure of what you are doing, you can delete, start over or click on the information button to better understand how the game works. Are you curious to try it out? Keep reading to know more.

Are you unsure which number to pick? The QuickPick feature chooses the numbers automatically for you. Furthermore, you have the option to bet on Wednesday and / or Saturday draws. You can also decide to play from a specific date that you can select online; or when the prize money is at a certain level: from R15 million to R220 million.

Let’s give you more information about each of the three bonus games. Each has a different additional cost on top of the single ticket of R25.

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It is an extra game you can add to your German Lotto bet slip. In Spiel77 you should match all seven digits of your serial number in the same order as the drawn numbers to win. Ticking this box, you would pay an extra R40. The biggest win in Spiel77 was €11,077,777.00. If you match all seven numbers, you could win a minimum payout of €177,777.00 (R3,446,677).


The rules for Super6 are the same as the ones for Spiel77. The only difference is that you must match six numbers of the draw in the same order. For this game, you would only pay an extra R20, which makes a total of R45. €100,000.00 is the main prize you would receive when matching all six numbers of the Super6. If you only match the last number, you would get €2.5 (approximately R48).


The GlücksSpirale has the same rules as Super6 and Spiel77. Compared to the two other bonus games, this game only takes place on Saturdays. You need to match all digits in the same order to win the first prize, which would be a monthly amount of €10.000,00 (ZAR equivalent) paid out each and every month for 20 years. Once you have decided on which game you would love to bet on, you can make your bet on the German Lotto online.


The German Lottery, also known as Lotto 6/49, is one of Europe's oldest and most respected lotteries. It was first launched in 1955 by the Federal State Lottery and has remained a popular form of betting for years.

Over the first 20 years, it was running alone, then the lottery got in a partnership with the Sports Betting Agency (Deutscher Lottoblock).

The highest-ever main prize was a staggering €45 million (R826.81 million) won by a player from Hessen in April 2022.

Existing since such a long time, the German Lotto has introduced new bonus games. They are described above in this article, as Spiel77 and Super6. They both offer different prizes depending on if they match six or seven digits in the same order as the numbers that have been drawn.


The previous record main prize of the lottery 6aus49 is 45,382,458 euros (R882 million). The main prize was won and shared by three players when the lottery numbers were drawn on December 5, 2007, so that each winner received a good 15 million euros. Other impressive amounts have been won on this lottery as well, including €45 million (R874 million) in April 2022 in Hessen and €42.6 million (R816 million) in October 2020 in Baden-Württemberg.

The German Lotto 6/49 is one of Europe's most popular lotteries, with prizes reaching up to €45 million (R826.81 million). Every week, thousands of people from across the country participate in this exciting game.


Prize Category Winning Odds
6 numbers + SuperBall 1 in 139,838,160
6 numbers 1 in 15,537,573
5 numbers + SuperBall 1 in 524,008
5 numbers 1 in 60,223
4 numbers + SuperBall 1 in 10,324
4 numbers 1 in 1,147
3 numbers + SuperBall 1 in 567
3 numbers 1 in 63
2 numbers + SuperBall 1 in 76


There are 9 prize tiers available for the German Lotto. The winnings will depend on how many numbers you match: for example, with 2 correct main numbers + SuperBall you will already receive a prize. To get the main prize, you need to match 6 numbers + the SuperBall.  

You might aim to win 6/49 lotto main prize, but don’t forget that there are also other interesting prizes waiting in the three bonus games: Spiel77, Super6 and GlücksSpirale. The prize of each of them is different depending on the numbers you match and, in the bonus games, also the order is important.

Below are the prizes of the bonus games according to the matched numbers:

Spiel 77

Prize Category Estimated Returns
All 7 Numbers  Min €177,777.00*
Last 6 Numbers €77,777.00*
Last 5 Numbers €7,777.00*
Last 4 Numbers €777.00*
Last 3 Numbers €77.00*
Last 2 Numbers €17.00*
Last Number €5.00*

Super 6

Prize Category Estimated Returns
Last 6 Numbers €100,000.00*
Last 5 Numbers €6,666.00*
Last 4 Numbers €666.00*
Last 3 Numbers €66.00*
Last 2 Numbers €6.00*
Last Number €2.50*


Prize Category Estimated Returns
All 7 Numbers  €10,000* per month for 20 years
Last 6 Numbers €100,000.00*
Last 5 Numbers €5,000.00*
Last 4 Numbers €500.00*
Last 3 Numbers €50.00*
Last 2 Numbers €20.00*
Last Number €10.00*

* South African players will be paid in ZAR.

As you can see in the above tables, the prizes for the three bonus games are different, with GlücksSpirale offering an amazing monthly payout of €10,000 for 20 years!

Are you looking for a chance to win big? Then the German Lotto 6aus49 is the perfect lottery for you! With its affordable bet slip prices, you can take your chances at becoming an instant millionaire. The regular bet slips only cost R25 per bet, with additional options like SuperBall and system entries giving you even more chances of winning.


Are you excited to give it a try? Join Lottoland South Africa and start enjoying betting online on the German Lottery. Keep in mind that you are not buying an actual bet slip to the official lotto but betting on the outcome of it. To make sure you do not miss out on any of the exciting German Lotto 6/49 action, remember to purchase your bet slip before the draw closes! And do not forget to check the winning numbers after the draw has taken place, the results will also be sent to your email. Who knows? You could be one of South Africa's newest big-money winners!

Good luck & happy betting!