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TOP 10 Best Paid Jobs in SA

The 10 highest-paid jobs in South Africa


Not just ordinary general practitioners, but specialist doctors are among the highest paid professionals in South Africa. According to a report by Rate Web, neurologists and cardiologists are well paid. They should be, too, given their expertise around the human brain and heart. A relatively inexperienced neurologist can earn about R800,00 per year. One with more than a decade in the field should get around R2 million per year.


The people responsible for the design and layout of houses, office blocks and shopping malls earn anywhere between R500,00 and R1.3 million per year. Ones with plenty of experience - and related additional skills - understandably get paid toward the upper end of that scale.


Now here is an interesting profession that deals a lot with risk - and the management of it. Qualifying for this sort of role can take eight to nine years. It's worth it, though, in terms of earning capacity. This profession is important to the field of insurance. It pays over R1 million per year.


"The king was in his counting house, counting out his money," goes the old nursery rhyme. Nowadays, we have accountants - specifically chartered accountants - to perform these sorts of exercises. They get around R800,000 per year for their discipline, which is all about helping people manage their books in a clinical and law-abiding way.

Management consultants

This one is a bit more obscure than others. When the term 'consultancy' comes into play, you can surmise that it's not necessarily a full-time role, but one brought in for specific periods. Management consultants help companies put in measures that will help them perform better. For this, they are remunerated approximately R100,000 per month, subject to the field they operate in and their experience of the subject.


The men and women that sit at the front of courtrooms countrywide are paid in the region of R900,000 per year for their expertise. They are effectively the faces of South African law - and help lawyers do their job day in and day out.

Software engineers

This role is relatively new to the list of South Africa's best-paid jobs. The need for excellent computer software in South Africa is growing. The engineers that make platforms operate quicker, e-commerce safer and other factors more trustworthy get about R100,000 to R130,000 per month for their dedicated efforts.

Biochemical engineers

Another kind of engineer, but this time in the medical field. Biochemical engineers are responsible for the sustainability and growth of medical machinery. This goes hand in hand with modern-day medicine. They are paid about R700,000 per year.

Sales managers

Companies peddling goods need good sales managers behind those products. This sort of role is important in maintaining existing sales relationships and procuring others. An experienced sales manager in South Africa can get paid approximately R600,000 per year.


Back to the medical field we go, as pharmacists round off this list of the best-paid careers in the country with a yearly salary of around R600,000. This role largely requires a South African Pharmacy Council accreditation, which can then increase earning capacity to R800,000 per annum.