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Finally, R341 million French Lotto Jackpot winner after 19 draws

On the 27th of November 2019, a very lucky French Lotto player won €21 million (R340,233,033) after 19 draws delivered no winners. With the lucky numbers of 2, 15, 18, 29, 44 and the Bonus Ball: 4. There was also 3 winners who had 5 correct numbers and won €75,409.80 (approx. R1,218,373.47) each.

In June 2011, the biggest French Lotto jackpot in history was won by a family from Val-d’Oise, France. The amount of €24 million (approx. R549 million) was won after 34 rollovers.

8 jackpot winners in the last 3 months

The well-known French Lotto delivered 8 jackpot winners in the past 3 months. September had another massive winner of €20 million (approx. R331,4 million), as well as someone who won €5 million (approx. R82,4 million) and 2 winners who won €1 million (approx. R16,5 million) each.

The last winner, before the jackpot winner was announced on the 27th of November, was on the 12th of October.

French Lotto numbers

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice just to pick the lucky numbers? What numbers must you choose to win the jackpot? We will never know; we just take a chance. Some of us use our own lucky numbers or make use of the system-generated numbers. But, we will never know for sure what the lucky numbers will be, until the numbers are drawn during the lucky draw.

In French Lotto history, it is shown that the most commonly winning numbers drawn in the French Lotto for the last 9 years, remain mainly the same. These number are: 1, 13, 15, 16, 22, 29 and 41.

According to statistics, here are a list of the 10 most common, least common and most overdue lotto numbers and the amount of times it was drawn. Maybe this will help you predict your next jackpot winning numbers?

Most common number

  • 41drawn 215 times
  • 13drawn 211 times
  • 01drawn 202 times
  • 22drawn 199 times
  • 16drawn 198 times
  • 15drawn 197 times
  • 29drawn 195 times
  • 23drawn 190 times
  • 43drawn 190 times
  • 27drawn 189 times

Most common number

  • 39drawn 160 times
  • 08drawn 161 times
  • 19drawn 162 times
  • 42drawn 168 times
  • 25drawn 168 times
  • 47drawn 168 times
  • 48drawn 168 times
  • 12drawn 169 times
  • 30drawn 170 times
  • 05drawn 171 times

Most common number

  • 45not drawn for 49 times
  • 21not drawn for 41 times
  • 34not drawn for 32 times
  • 47not drawn for 29 times
  • 05not drawn for 22 times
  • 32not drawn for 21 times
  • 03not drawn for 20 times
  • 20not drawn for 18 times
  • 36not drawn for 17 times
  • 46not drawn for 16 times