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The 3rd biggest lotto pay out for 2019 waiting to be claimed

With a few weeks still left for 2019, there are still some mega bucks to be won. The draw for the Powerball on the 26th of November delivered another massive winner for 2019. The amount of R114,242,816.50 is on the table to be claimed by one lucky winner. The winning numbers were: 2,8,11,13,32 and the Powerball number 3. If you bought your ticket or placed your bet, it might be your lucky day.

2019’s biggest lotto winners

With just a handful of winners receiving pay outs above R100 million, it has been announced that there were over R2,5 Billion lottery pay outs for the year so far. Why did they win? Where did they buy their tickets? Maybe I should buy at that shop. Let’s see if there is a pattern? What do they do for a living? What is the amount of tickets they bought? What made them choose those numbers?

Here are some of the biggest South African winners who claimed their pay outs in 2019.

R232 million, biggest Powerball amount ever! A man in his 50’s bought a Powerball ticket at the OK Mini Mart in Tygerdal, Cape Town. He spent R22.50 and picked his own numbers. The winning numbers were 4,18,21,26,35 with the Powerball number 5. His children’s education was on the top of his spending list.

An anonymous woman in Cape Town won R79 million on the 4th of May after buying a Quick Pick Lotto ticket of just R30. The winning numbers were 3,27,32,34,41,50 and Bonus Ball 16. She wants to do good for her family and people close to her heart. She wants to buy a house where her grandson can play in the garden and give her daughter the opportunity to study her psychology degree.

R141 million, the 3rd biggest Powerball pay out in history was won on the 23rd of August. A 50 year old male construction worker bought a ticket at Spar, Groot Brakrivier, while he was on holiday with his wife in the Mossel Bay area. He spent R105 on his Quick Pick ticket. The winning numbers were 8,9,15,20,24 and Powerball number 14. They will continue working and plan to invest their money, as they want to ensure a secured future for their children and grandchildren.

There will never be a definite reason or explanation why, or recipe how, someone won the lotto. It is purely luck. Next time you feel lucky…you know what to do!